Art 2 Final Portfolio

The questionable 3D project was my most successful project. The process for this project was that I got four, four inch canvases and I painted them all different colors. The choice of using canvas was helpful for enhancing my project because it was and interesting choice of medium.

The portrait project was the one where I came over the most obstacles. The challenges I had with this project was making the puzzle pieces. I kept messing up and ended up having to do this project multiple times to make it decent. The challenges made me a better artist because it taught me that I really have to take my time with it.

I think these two show my growth as an artist. For the chair I think I grew because I branched out and I thought of a different way of using canvas and making it a chair. For the pot I think I grew because I would have never thought of using sticks and a mini pot for a project and I really stepped out of my comfort zone.

I think it was good to let us use different materials so we could grow as an artist and see what our creativity skill was. Like for this project above I didn't know that sticks could be art until I made them art and it turned out cool and simple. I also think that the whole class gained knowledge about what is art.


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