Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Sticky Situation

My ideas were that I actually wanted to use sticks so I used some sticks. I think I thought outside of the box because I used sticks and I painted them non stick colors. I think there might be a little repetition because of the sticks in the pot. Like its a colored stick then normal stick then colored stick. So for the sticks and pot I used acrylic paint I had success in using the paint because it went on the sticks easily. The mini lessons were helpful so I could get some ideas at first.

Questionable 3D

The thing that is questionable about this is why is it so small? Why is it made of canvas? The medium I used was canvas and paint. I used those because I just had making a chair out of some canvas and then I thought about painting them because it would be boring just white. I incorporated scale in this project by making it a chair but just a really really small chair.


This is a portrait of Joey Graceffa. I chose him because I really like him in his YouTube videos and I think he's great. When I was thinking about this project I actually had a totally different idea but I went with this idea in the end. I wanted to make a puzzle. So I edited this picture on the computer and then I printed it out and made some puzzle pieces. The only risk/ challenge was making sure it looked good when I edited it. Also I had to make sure that all the puzzle pieces fit. My choices impacted this piece by changing the picture from its original form to its new one. My choices really didn't relate to the person.